Codes for ANalysis of Asteroids

An open-source python tool for asteroid science

What is CANA?

The CANA package stands for “Codes for ANalysis of Asteroids”. The tool was designed to perform scientific analysis for asteroids spectroscopic data.

As part of the PRIMitive Asteroids Spectroscopic Survey (PRIMASS), we have collected and analyzed hundreds of spectra of primitive asteroids among the last years. In this context, we collected the routines used for the analysis and parametrization of these data to build up a python package design for the asteroid community. As we are preparing to make the data library (PRIMASS-L) public to the community through Small Bodies Node of the the Planetary Data Science (PDS), it is our aim to make our science reproducible and of easy to extended.

Click on the links bellow, if you would like to know more about PRIMASS or PRIMASS-L:


The package is currently under development. At the moment CANA counts with:

Spectroscopic analysis tools:

  • Handling tools, such as load, trim, fit (and autofit), estimate SNR, clean spectrum
  • Slope calculation
  • Taxonomic Classification
  • Hydration band analysis

We will soon make available new parametrization methods and tools for handling Photometric data and Compositional modeling!

Get Started

See the install instructions to set up your computer and install Cana.

Once you have everything installed, we recommend you take a look at our recipes at the Cookbook, to get an idea of what cana can do. For more detailed documentation go to the Documentation page to get the complete API description.

Cana is still a work in progress, if you are have trouble getting it to work, or you want to give us a feedback or colaborate, you can:


CANA is a open tool. You can use, adapt and modify it as wanted. But if you any of these, please cite us!

De Pra, M., Carvano, J., Morate, D., Licandro, J. Pinilla-Alonso, N. (2018). CANA: An open-source python tool to study hydration in the Solar System.

See cite to get the bibtex entry for the citation.